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In recent years, the cost of heating your home has increased. If you’re tired of spending all of your hard earned money on that old, oil or gas guzzling beast in the basement, it’s time to upgrade your system.

Today’s home furnaces are 33% more efficient, on average, than older models. The AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) determines the efficiency of furnaces. Older furnaces may be rated at 60% AFUE, which means that for every dollar you spend, 60 cents is actually applied to the generation of heat. That means 40 cents is lost.

Today, Canada’s standard is 91%, which is a significant improvement.


Mckinnon Heating Cooling carries brands that exceed even that threshold, which means that more of your money will be working more efficiently to heat your home

Get the Furnace That is Perfect for Your Home

Your home is unique. It’s your castle. Your heating needs and preferences for how you want to heat your home during the cool Canadian winter is also unique.

At Mckinnon Heating Cooling, our professional technicians and support staff take the time to determine your heating and comfort requirements as well as your budget so that we can recommend the ideal furnace for your home.

Need to Have Your Existing Furnace Repaired or Serviced?

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