Average Life Expectancy of a Brand New Home Heating System

Purchasing a brand new home heating system is going to be a significant investment. As with any major investment, especially a significant home improvement project such as this, you want to know how long it should last. Quality Matters One of the most important aspects when trying to determine how long a brand new home

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Old Home Heating System?

A common question that homeowners throughout Toronto have about their home’s heating system is when is the right time to replace it? Just because a furnace or heating system is old, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be replaced right now. However, with that being said, most current furnaces are much more efficient

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Home Heating Tips to Help You Save Money this Winter in Toronto

This winter we are expecting another cold, snowy season for all of Toronto. While we have become accustomed to these long, hard winters, that doesn’t mean you should have to spend more than you need to keep your Toronto area home nice and warm. We have put together a few home heating tips that should

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Brrr!!! When that Cold Air Hits, Make Sure You’ll be Warm

Do you feel that? That cold, frigid air has snuck down out of the northern Arctic and is beginning to make its presence known throughout Toronto and Ontario. The moment that you first feel the cold bite of winter, you’re probably turning on your home’s heating system. But do you know whether or not that

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Explaining a Matched System and How it Benefits Your Home

Considering installing a new heating and cooling system in your home means that you will be faced with a number of decisions. You will likely hear the term “matched system” in the process. A matched system can be confusing when you are not experienced with HVAC terminology. A matched system means that the heating and

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