Air Conditioners & Air Quality

Air Conditioners Toronto GTADuring the summer months, air conditioning is essential for folks living in the Greater Toronto Area. Comfort during these months is important but you should also be aware of potential health issues that can arise from using an air conditioning unit. You have to be sure they are safe for you and your family.

People have a tendency to overuse their air conditioners and this is a common cause of problems with the unit. Overuse can also aggravate problems for those living in or even just visiting the house. Arthritis and sinus issues are commonly irritated or exacerbated in an overly air-conditioned atmosphere. Although these symptoms are obvious, there are worse conditions that can develop and affect a person’s health. Studies have shown that people who work outdoors versus in air conditioning are actually less likely to have colds and flu’s. It is also proven that the body is more stressed when it is forced from a hot environment directly into an air-conditioned one.

You must also make sure your A/C unit is clean. Check the outside unit, keeping it clean will help it run more efficiently. Also check your air filter monthly and even more often during months of heavy use. You’re looking for mold and dirt. If you see any of these things, change the filter immediately. This will cause airflow issues, which will cause the system to work harder and less efficiently, as well, costing you more money in your electric bill. Dirt and mold particles could also be distributed throughout your home while the air conditioner pumps cool air in.

The optimal temperature for efficiency and comfort is about 25 degrees Celsius. Lowering your thermostat further will increase the workload of the unit and won’t bring more comfort. If you can, turn it off on cool nights and sleep with the windows open. The fresh air is good for your health and will often keep the house cooler than your air conditioner would. Circulating the air throughout the home will also help remove contaminants that become trapped when you have all of your windows closed throughout the day..

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