How to Troubleshoot an Electric Furnace

Furnaces TorontoThere are advantages to using an electric heating system, but the higher operating cost usually turns people to other furnace systems. The high cost means that minimizing heat loss caused by improperly installed ducts or inadequate insulation is even more important than with other types of systems.

A benefit to these alternative systems are that their maintenance costs tend to be lower over the lifespan of the furnace than other types of heaters.

You want to maintain maximum efficiency so be sure to have a professional clean and adjust the furnace each year before you start using it for the cold season. Do not attempt any repairs to the heating elements, electrical connections, relays, transformers, or similar components of an electric furnace; repairs to these components must be made by a professional service person only. This is not a matter of trying to charge you, but to keep you safe, as you’re dealing with high voltage systems.

The controls for most electric furnaces are mounted on the housing but some are hidden behind an access panel. The access panel may be hung on hooks or fastened to the furnace housing with a series of sheet metal screws. To remove the access panel to the blower, filter, and blower motor, slip the panel up off the hooks or remove the series of sheet metal screws.

These furnaces are fused at the main electrical service entrance of the home or building. They usually run on a separate circuit and sometimes even have their own fuse box that is stored away from the main panel. The heating elements of the furnace are also fused, and these fuses are located on a panel that is on or inside the furnace housing.

If you’ve lost power and changing the fuses or resetting the breakers does not restore power, call a professional. Do not attempt to repair heating elements, the transformer, heating relays, or power relays. Repairs to these components can be dangerous and must be made by a professional HVAC service person.

Electric furnaces can be tricky because most repairs require technical knowledge the average homeowner does not have, but they will keep your home nice and toasty. Should you have any issues with your electric furnace, don’t hesitate to call Mckinnon. We offer emergency service and regular appointments for maintenance issues. We’ll make sure you’re warm all winter long.

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