High Velocity Systems

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We can install and repair high velocity heating and cooling systems in your home to ensure your family is comfortable.

high velocityHigh velocity heating and cooling systems have become very popular in recent years, specifically for newly built houses and townhouses where space is a premium and eliminates the need for big, bulky ductwork. In these applications, a water heating source (water heater, tankless water heater, boiler) supplies hot water to a hydronic air handler which converts the heated water to forced air. High velocity systems use small (2-1/2” diameter) flexible tubing rather than 5” or 6” rigid ductwork.

High velocity systems have also traditionally been installed in older homes which have radiant or electric heating and where there is no duct system available. In these older homes, the air handler and the tubing is installed in the attic or crawlspace and the tubing fed through closets to access all of the rooms.
Mckinnon Heating Cooling provides service and installation of high velocity heating and cooling systems in all types of applications. Mckinnon sells and services the following brands:

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